Flower Growing for Florists Tuesday 17th September 10-3.30

Flower Growing for Florists Tuesday 17th September 10-3.30


If you work with flowers, whether you describe yourself as a florist, floral designer, or stylist, and want to grow some of your flowers yourself, then this could be the course for you. I have been selling to wholesale florist customers throughout the North West, as well as doing weddings and selling flowers direct to customer, for 6 years now and it is our main source of income.

In this day-long workshop, we will consider how you can add individuality, character and value to your designs by using home grown material. We will be based in the workshop and out in the fields and working areas here at Carol’s Garden - looking at some of the varieties and techniques you can use at home.

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The Workshop will cover:

How to use home grown material to make a difference to your work - and to add value

Looking at colour and varieties

How to make best use of your own and bought-in home grown flowers & foliage

Managing customer expectations (inc quoting for weddings)

What to grow to get the best return for effort - and what not to bother with

How to make the best use of your space

Growing techniques - inc sowing and raising plants, maintenance

Cutting and conditioning, inc what stage to cut stems