When not just any old flowers will do...  Join the growing band of British Flower converts - choose the freshest, most genuinely seasonal flowers to show that you've really thought about the person you are giving them to. We grow lots of flowers, you can buy them as bouquets for gifts or yourself, or buckets to do your own. Available end March to end October, then a more limited range outside of that too. All to collect from our site in Harthill, or pick up from Tattenhall Market on Friday mornings, or for local delivery. 

If you would like any of these on a regular basis - every week or every month, ask us about a subscription deal. Or look at the Year of Flowers option below.

Perhaps you want flowers in your own vases - for a party, event or just to make your home more beautiful. We can fill your vases or provide our own for hire or to keep. Email us using the contact form below, giving the date and what you are thinking of, and we can send you a bit more information or talk to you about what you'd like. 

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