If you are a florist or floral designer who loves something new, is looking to be inspired by new and unfamiliar flowers, then you will love buying from us. We grow unusual and more familiar varieties, in good quantities. They are perfect for event work - quirky, characterful flowers, lots of variety to give a full, garden-inspired look. We might not have 100 cafe au last dahlias on any one day, but we could have 10 or 20 different varieties of blush or pale pink flowers to use. Push those boundaries out a bit and see what you get in a mixed bucket - picked to a style or colour scheme. We do specialise in beautiful, fragile, some ephemeral flowers which simply would not survive conventional transport methods. We pick them at the perfect stage for you to use, and present them ready conditioned, in fresh water, without any plastic wrapping. 

Wholesale wild flowers in Cheshire

For retail florists, we do grow some varieties with long vase lives, although these tend to be the varieties which are produced in mass scale and imported, so we tend not to grow so many of these. No conventional gyp, lilies or spray carnations. a few alstros, but only outdoors, so seasonal. 

We can deliver to Manchester and points along the way through East Cheshire and South Lancs, sometimes into Wirral & Liverpool. Or you can visit to collect (a bit of horticultural therapy and to check out what you might have missed!) We send weekly availability lists at the beginning of each week from early April to end Oct, according to what we have available. We accept unconfirmed pre-orders from 1st Feb for that calendar year (e.g. a budget, colour scheme, any flower preferences). If you would like to be sent our regular availability list, please complete the contact form below, giving your business name and location as well as the email address you would like to be reached on. We will send our annual flower guide and guideline price list.