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I am just a bit obsessed with flowers. My compulsion extends to well over 500 varieties (we stopped counting years ago, it became a bit embarrassing) Mainly garden and wild flowers rather than the usual florist imports - we'll try anything, see how it grows here, how it combines with other flowers, how it copes in a vase or a bouquet, what it feels like. That absolute intimacy informs how we work with flowers, handling and arranging them. That intimacy that you can only get from sowing a seed, watching it grow, and flower, deciding when to pick it, how to treat it. Imported flowers are like strangers to me - somehow starched, characterless.  We are all about flowers. Respect for flowers.

Here at Carol's Garden, we embrace our locality - the soil, the wildlife and the climate, and we grow plants which can thrive in these conditions. No hot-housing - they live in soil, and have to live in harmony with what is already here. We use unheated plastic tunnels to protect the most delicate spring flowers from the worst of the wind and rain, and to be sure we have flowers in April rather than May. 

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Are our flowers right for you? If you love flowers and want a connection with how and where they have been grown, if you are happy to allow us to work with what flowers are available at the time you want them, and to trust us to put them together in a way which reflects you and the place they have grown. We work from the flowers themselves rather than a formula or a photograph - ideas are great, and help to show us what you like, but I won't be copying anyone else's work. I don't have a preferred palette of colours - I love the subtleties of colour that we are able to grow here, and the inspiration that comes from the seasons, from unexpected or wild combinations.


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